Welcome to the English Blog for Choc Seven 超克7 (formerly known as 模范七棒 Mo Fan Qi Bang), the 二軍 (Er Jun, 2nd group of artists officially signed to Channel [V] & Gold Typhoon) from 模范棒棒堂 (the hit comedy variety show, Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang, airing on Channel [V]).

超克7 comprises of 阿本 (Ah Ben), 小馬 (Xiao Ma), 小祿 (Xiao Lu), 鮪魚(Wei Yu), 李銓 (Li Quan), 野獸 (Ye Shou) and 毛弟 (Mao Di).

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

2009-07-17 Butterfly Preview

This Sunday's (2009-07-19) episode of Butterfly, Butterfly You Were Born So Beautiful, hosted by Aben and HuDieJieJie, will feature Lollipop as guests. Lollipop will be examining women's beauty and hygiene products and will also talk about their recent I Am Legend Concert at Hong Kong's Coliseum.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

2009-07-14 Choc 7 on YuLe NP3

This episode of YuLe NP3 featured footage of Choc 7's Fans Event in Hong Kong, which was held on 2009-07-05. Choc 7 performed 'Tai Qing Chun' and 'Wo Tai Ben' and interacted with their fans through some games. See more info and videos of the event here.

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2009-07-14 Aben Wretch Album Update: Pictures of MoFanBangBangTang's Last Day

Aben also wrote a short tribute to every member of Choc 7, FanFan, RongJia, AndyGe, B2Ge, AoQuan, XiaoJie, WangZi and WeiLian, as well as other members of the MFBBT crew.

To WeiYu: I have a delicate relationship with you. You are someone whom I can have a good conversation with and you are an extremely adorable child. Yet, at times you are so immature that it makes me want to strangle you. But above all we are in Choc 7 together and so we are brothers. We still have a long way to go. Keep taking lots of handsome photographs of us! I love you, little king of dance.

To MaoDi: It is hard to imagine but you have really grown up. At least I don't look too old next to you! The other day I had a good talk with your father and I feel as though I am your other father, watching you grow up and mature day by day. The less you say, the more serious you have become. We will strive to turn Choc 7 into a super group together!

To YeShou: Hey, handsome boy! It is very easy to get along with you. You are just as crazy as XiaoBing and Duoduo. You are a really hilarious person. I'm very glad to be in Choc 7 with you. I know that you are under a lot of pressure although you say that nothing's the matter. We can keep you happy and strive towards our goal together. We are one.

To XiaoMa: To the both mature and naive Ah Ma, we have come so far together and even completed a stage in our lives together. Although we had considered giving up numerous times, we have made it into Choc 7. However, this is only the beginning. Add oil!

To XiaoLu: After you sang the last song, XiaoMa and I kept playing your video over and over again. We are very proud of your voice! We aspire to sing as well as you! You are really a good singer and have an original sense of humour. I also love chatting with you and performing as well. Add oil!

To LiQuan: Talented fool, you have recently become stronger. It is great to be in Choc 7 with you, you are one heck of a son!

2009-07-13 MoFanBangBangTang Class Dismissed For The Last Time

The final episode of MoFanBangBangTang was filmed on July 13. The show will be replaced by 'Welcome Alien' hosted by A-Wei and WeiLian from July 20.

The image above (credit to Yahoo Taiwan) was taken by the media on the last day of filming but it is not of the final episode.

Instead, Aben has uploaded photos of the final episode onto his wretch album, which can be viewed in this post.

Here is a video from SINA News, reporting about the last day of filming:

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Choc 7 Performance at the Yu-Shan Cup

A clear fans video showing some of Choc 7's performance of 'Tai Qing Chun' on the baseball field during the Yu-Shan Cup.

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2009-07-09 WeiYu Wretch Album Update

In the van:

At the airport:

At the hotel:

At the Coliseum: